Proteak’s administration is currently headed by a Board of Directors integrated by 13 members, 9 of whom are Independent. The Board meets 4 times a year. From the beginning, the Board has been professional and is mainly composed by Independent members, who don’t have an individual absolute decision on any matter. Board Members are renowned, high-profile executives from recognized companies. Stockholders do not have control of the Board because the largest group has less than 25% of the shares. 

In order to ensure an impartial approach towards strategic planning, Proteak incorporated Independent Members, which represent 88% of the Board, surpassing the required 25% by the Stock Market Law.  
Name Member Since
Héctor Eduardo Bonilla Castañeda (Chairman) 2001
Brett Williams Hogan* 2007

Ricardo Elizondo Guajardo*

Alberto Torrado Martínez* 2004
Jaime Williams Quintero* 2004
Elías Revah Modiano* 2006
Alejandro Coronado Ramírez* 2006
Luis Eduardo Tejado Bárcena* 2002
Jorge Hillmann* 2014
Manuel Ruiz Gutiérrez Topete* 2014
Santiago García Valiño 2015
Isaac Volin Bolok 2015
Ignacio Javier Saldaña 2015
*Independent Members

Auditing and Best Practices Committee

The Auditing and Best Practices Committee is integrated by 3 members, who will have to comply with the independence requisite stated in Article 26 of the Mexican Stock Market Law. (Ley del Mercado de Valores, LMV) The Committee’s main functions are listed as follows: 
•    Counsel the Board of Directors on matters stated in the Mexican financial regulation (LMV).
•    Choose the External Auditing Company.
•    Seek the advice of independent experts whenever it deems it necessary in order to fulfill its duties.
•    Establish the conditions and extent of the professional mandates of the external auditor, approve any additional services provided by external auditors, and supervise the completion of services and compliance of the independence clause of external auditors. 
•    Meet with the external auditor whenever necessary or at least once a year to review relevant matters. 
•    Summon Stockholder Assemblies and include the revision of relevant matters if considered necessary.
•    Discuss financial statements with personnel in charge of elaborating and reviewing them, and recommend their approval or revision to the Board of Directors. 
•    Support the Board of Directors with the elaboration of a report, containing the main accounting policies and criteria, as well as financial information, that is presented on a yearly basis to all Stockholders, in accordance to the applicable law. 

Jaime Williams Quintero
Elías Revah Modiano
Luis Tejado Bárcena

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